The open-cell foam

Why an open-cell foam?

  • apparent savings in maintenance costs of the building due to the higher energy efficiency of the building
  • tightness eliminates heat loss - thermal conductivity ? = 0.038 W / m2K
  • keeping the warm air in a building without limiting the effect of breathing
  • the perfect combination with almost all materials used in the construction
  • less strain on the roof structure
  • favorable ratio of the total installation price to the quality
  • tightly fills even the most complex roof structures
  • perfectly dampens
  • durability not seen in other technologies
  • long warranty period

It is therefore reasonable to approach the subject of the attic insulation. Such investment most often happens once in a lifetime and you should rather think about a permanent solution.

Why foam rather than wool? The tightness (no thermal bridges).

Complicated roof structures, bay windows, dormers and skylights do not allow for effective isolation using traditional methods. Deciding on the traditional method of using mineral wool insulation we have to deal with the thermal bridges left in the roof slope which in total amount to approximately 2% of the entire surface of the insulated roof, which in the case of an average attic area of 150m2 gives us 3 m2 of attic insulation gone. This enormous heat loss, which over time will grow because of the unavoidable phenomenon of mineral wool sliding and consequently the formation of additional gaps between the layers of wool.

PUR foam is sprayed in a liquid form, and thanks to the excellent adhesive properties it penetrates into the structure of the material on which it is sprayed (wood, concrete, breathable film) joining them permanently. A few seconds after spraying the foam expands its volume 120 times filling all, even the hardest to reach areas. Thanks to that the PUR foam is connected to the entire surface of the roof or for eg. of the attic, thus it eliminates completely the thermal bridges appearing while using other technologies. The use of the open-cell polyurethane foam also allows for an excellent "breathing" of the roof partition.    

The savings in heating and air-conditioning

PUR foam significantly reduces an energy loss. As a result, the size and cost of installed equipment for air conditioning and ventilation can be reduced by 40%, while labor costs, heating and air conditioning by 50%.
Moreover, these parameters last throughout the whole life of the building.

Stable performance - durability for years

Installation of mineral wool by binding it with rope between the rafters and thus fixing the wool takes place in certain points. When humid air enters under the membrane, water vapor included in it condenses directly in the wool significantly increasing its weight, and at the same time leading to its slipping. Consequently, after a few years of exploitation it turns out that the wool can be found only in the lower parts of the attic, while the uper part (the warmest part) is completely devoid of it. In conclusion, after a few years it appears that the efficiency of our attic insulation has little in common with what we received in the beginning.

PUR foam is permanently bound with the entire surface of the attic even after being soaked off (for eg. when the roof is damaged) it does not change its position or shape. This gives us confidence that our attic will always be isolated in an optimal way, moreover, even after several years of exploitation, the level of insulation will be like the same like in the beginning.

Resistance to insects and rodents.

Impact on the environment

An important feature of the PUR foam is its lack of influence on the environment. That means that polyurethane foam, contrary to mineral wool, does not dust and does not cause any allergic reactions. In addition, PUR foam mold has no place to develop. Therefore, the PUR foam is ideal for people with allergies because it does not cause allergy and at the same time prevents the growth of fungi.

Air convection

Because of its fibrous structure the wool constitutes virtually no barrier to the air flow. As a result, the air flows in and out in an uncontrolled manner through the partition on which it is installed.

Large diffusion resistance of the PUR foam eliminates the so-called unfavorable air convection, ensures the tightness of the bulkhead and thus keep the inside of the house warm. This gives us the guarantee that even after several years of exploitation it will continue to protect us from the cold in winter and from the heat during hot days.

Areas of service: We provide services throughout the country and in particular in the region of Silesia (Katowice, Rybnik, Gliwice, Bielsko Biala, Tychy).

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