Construction materials

The offer also includes such construction materials that meet all the conditions to effectively compete in a variety of applications with the conventional engineering plastics.

Our construction materials:

  • rods and polyurethane bushings,
  • mats, plates, strips Polyurethane,
  • polyurethane rings,
  • polyurethane fittings,
  • polyurethane profiles,
  • gears,
  • polyurethane slides,
  • polyurethane fence,
  • polyurethane bumpers for different types of vehicles,
  • auto body parts,

Other according to customer preference.

Advantages of the solution

Our materials are an excellent alternative to steel, polyester and epoxy resins.

Their big advantage is the excellent mapping of any shape, thus they can be freely shaped. They are characterized by high technical parameters and usability, which makes them effectively displace the traditional engineering plastics. The use of polyurethanes allows you to reduce the investment costs. In case of any questions, please contact us.

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