Hard-wearing coatings

The wear-resistant coatings manufactured by EwaPUR constitute an excellent protection of machine parts and equipment from the effects of abrasive media used in the industry. We offer a polyurethane coatings in various types of polyurethane hardness and depending on the application equipment.

Areas of application:

  • the inner surfaces of chutes, feeders spiral chutes, spiratronów, hydrocylones,
  • trough, sorters, screens tanks,
  • mixing tanks and heat-treating roto-vibrational,
  • tanks pulps,
  • ball mills,
  • tanks for liquid storage,
  • Production lines,
  • wheel forklift trucks,
  • fans and conveyors,
  • pallets for transporting automotive parts, elevators and ramps to the diagnostic stations,
  • floor surfaces exposed to leakage, dusting, cracking and crumbling,
  • the other, depending on the customer's needs.
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