Anti Corrosion

Anticorrosion aims at reducing the direct and indirect losses caused by corrosion of metal or concrete, that is processes damaging their structure under the influence of the environment (eg. air, industrial gases, freshwater and seawater, land, including soil).

Anti-corrosion coatings made by our company constitute a high-quality non-metallic corrosion protection surfaces and components used in industry which work out in case of the environments that require high resistance to chemical environment, UV and water, ensuring high performance quality.

Areas of application:

  • external and internal surfaces of steel and concrete tanks,
  • external surfaces of steel tanks above ground and underground (including LPG),
  • the outer surfaces of fuel tanks,
  • internal and external surfaces of steel pipes, including drinking water (we have the proper certificate),
  • silos for bulk materials,
  • steel structures, bridges, viaducts,
  • canals and gutters, piping components,
  • all kinds of moldings,
  • other depending on the customer's needs.
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