A closed-cell foam

The closed-cell foam is characterized mainly by the low moisture absorption (less than 3% of volume).

It's a very efficient insulating material having a thermal conductivity coefficient (lambda sign) = 0,022-0,024 W / m2K, so with a relatively small thickness, very good hydro and thermal insulation parameters can be achieved. It can successfully replace polystyrene foam or styrodur, with a much thinner layer of insulation (5cm foam replaces about 13cm of polystyrene).

The use of the closed-cell foam:

  • foundation hydro-insulation,
  • external thermal insulation of roofs,
  • thermal insulation of external walls (perfect insulation for 3W walls),
  • thermal insulation inside the building - walls, ceilings,
  • excellent thermal insulation under the floor heating - does not require film,
  • thermal insulation as well as hydro-insulation of roofs: pigsties, production halls, mushroom halls, etc..,
  • thermal insulation and hydro-insulation of roofs made of sheet metal,
  • insulation of all types of tanks, pipes, installations, etc..
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