Elements of the elastomers Polyurethane

We are a manufacturer of components and parts from polyurethane elastomer, which is a material with a wide range of applications, proved useful in many industries.

The elements of polyurethane elastomers are parts of the machinery and equipment exposed to mechanical damage, which work much better than rubber or other competitive materials, and at the same time have additional advantages, such as aesthetics.

We offer a wide range of high quality semi-finished products, profiles and modified versions of the base with polyurethane elastomers and elements ready. We provide services in many areas of the economy from industry to mining by car to individual customers.

The main advantages of our elastomers:

  • resistance to abrasion and friction, which increases the effective working time machine,
  • high tensile strength and hardness permitting vehicular traffic,
  • better damping of vibrations and consequently reduction of vibrations where necessary,
  • mechanical strength, elasticity, flexibility, water resistance,
  • chemical resistance, non-toxic and non-staining.
  • speed application allows you to reduce the time of service and consequently also maintenance shutdowns.

Our products include:

  • polyurethane rods,
  • polyurethane plates,
  • covering for equipment to Blast cleaning,
  • polyurethane cones and covers hydrocylones,
  • polyurethane rings,
  • polyurethane moldings,
  • nozzles and heads Polyurethane,
  • Polyurethane connectors graded and simple,
  • fittings Polyurethane,
  • polyurethane profiles,
  • car and tram bumpers,
  • resisting plates and covers of chutes,
  • heavy duty wheels, transport rollers,
  • scrapers for conveyor belts,
  • "no crush" wheels
  • a wide range of unique products and small lots
  • and others depending on the customer's needs.

We also perform untypical orders. Selection of materials and technologies according to a customer's requirements.

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