Chemically resistant coating

Chemical resistant coatings offered by EwaPUR have been used as a protection of industrial spaces, requiring very high resistance to chemical exposure.

Steel and concrete are materials with low chemical resistance. Each of these materials must be secured to the surface via the generally used coatings. However, in the case of highly aggressive media such protection is not enough. We need to go for more chemically resistant materials. We offer a wide range of solutions in the form of polyurea, polyurethane and composite (ARC) coatings.

Areas of application:

  • water tanks,
  • anion, cation, double ion tanks,
  • installations and tanks in sewage treatment plants,
  • inner and outer surfaces of the large-diameter steel pipes, including pipes transporting drinking water,
  • turbo circulators,
  • steel structures, bridges, viaducts,
  • canals, gutters,
  • all kinds of moldings,
  • others depending on the customer's needs.

Advantages of this solution:

  • high resistance to hydrolysis, salt fog, microbiology, fungi, most solutions of acids and bases,
  • permeability to gases and vapors,
  • surface uniformity, no welds,
  • high mechanical strength, abrasion and friction resistance,
  • high flexibility of the coating in order to avoid dilatation,
  • good adhesion to concrete and steel,
  • lack of toxicity.
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