Protective Coating Line-X

The protective coating is a strong and durable protection of your car.

LINE-X coating protects against corrosion, splashes, bumps and scratches. It has sound absorbing properties and is chemically resistant. Moreover, it constitutes an excellent floor and side walls protection of the cargo space of vans, trucks, vans, pickup trucks, buses (floors and baggage compartments), semi-trailers / trailers (eg. tubs for transporting salt), cisterns and agricultural machinery. It also protects against mechanical damage of transported goods (pallets, construction materials, loose materials, stones, earth, salt etc.). LINE-X coating is more durable than conventional panels (plywood), protects the entire area (without cracks and joints), making it easy to keep it clean and because of the low thickness (3mm) it does not limit the cargo space. LINE-X can be applied to the surface having contact with food and drinking water (PZH).

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