About Us

ewapur-firmaWe process polyurethanes meeting the needs of customers. We produce new parts and regenerate worn. We are trying to meet the needs of customers and help solve problems. EwaPUR basis for the company's success are its employees - have an experienced staff of professionals and experts whose work in conjunction with those used by the company technologies contribute to the continuous growth of customer satisfaction with our services. We care about the environment, we are well aware how important it is for a man of his environment. The materials we use and process their applications are much safer for the environment, if we compare them with competing technologies based on rubber or epoxy resins. Guarantee of quality and long life led by our company works is our machine park allows for processing different chemical components. We have our own production hall equipped with modern machinery and equipment, which allow for greater flexibility in production, while reducing the cost and time of the work. We use the following technologies and applications processing of materials: 

  • stroke free to mold
  • wrap continuously, so-called. Ribbon Flow
  • machining and grinding PU
  • airless one-component and two-component
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