Polyurea is an elastomer formed by the reaction of isocyanate and amine.

Polyurea is an innovative technology of polymer coatings. It is 100% solid, does not contain volatile substances and is characterized by extremely short curing time, high reliability and durability of the system. Over the last decade, the use of polyurea coatings (polyurea) as a protection of concrete, steel and other substrates has significantly increased. This protection is designed to protect against corrosion, abrasion and other wear.

The advantage of polyurea over other polyurethane sprays is indifference to the climate conditions, short response of the binding time and, of course, the ability to quickly adapt a secured object.

How do we know that the polyurea is a good choice?

It is not enough here to compare the price of the material and how long the company has been on the market. You should focus on the technological parameters such as identification of the substrate, medium, application equipment, and of course the climatic conditions. The appropriate interview helps ensure the right quality of coatings whose reliability is the biggest advantage of the described technology.

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