Coatings on arbors

The EwaPUR company manufactures professional polyurethane coatings for various types of arbors, protecting them from the ravages caused by media or mechanical wear. The durability of our protective coatings reduces the costs associated with the extended production time and at the same time shortens the downtimes related to the replacement of arbors. We use modern technology and an unique technology of wear-resistant coating on all kinds of shafts, rollers and drums, a technology called. '' Ribbon-Flow ", which is the reverse turning.

Areas of application:

  • leading shafts,
  • distributing shafts,
  • press rolls,
  • registration shafts,
  • press rolls,
  • jumbo reels,
  • tambours,
  • others depending on the customer's needs.

We provide arbor coverage for the papermaking industry, securing the arbors used in cold rolling for steel mills, wastewater treatment plants, securing the roller surfaces for lumber industry, textiles and many others.

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